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Dyulgering Ltd. entered the food industry in the 1990s with the production of waffles and dry pastes. In 1994 the company restructured its production by investing in two production lines for saltines. After a number of modernizations, this production continued until today.

Relying on nearly thirty years of experience, the company's team daily fulfills its mission to deliver quality food to its customers. How do we do it?

First we select quality products and materials. We monitor their quality when receiving them.

Then we rely on our motivated and well-trained staff, our equipment and the recipes we work on, for always the same and quality result. We provide quality control with the HACCP system introduced in the company. Thanks to technology we monitor important production processes every minute. nothing of chance.

Our quality is guaranteed with a certificate from TÜV REYLAND,

ISO 22000-2005 ISO 9001-2000

For several years "Dulgering" Ltd. is in the segment of production of BIO foods. We use BIO flour from rye, spelt, einkorn, oats.

We have a certificate for BIO processors from CERES Bulgaria. We work with some of the biggest brands for Organic food in Bulgaria and Europe.

In 2012, the company has started producing a new product - Cracker Biscuits with salt, olive and cheese.